Opeing Exhibit John Sanborn

We had a great opening with works made by John Sanborn. John was there and introduced his works to a crowed from different generations: video art pioneers to young digital natives.

You still have the chance to check out his show till 1.November 2015.

Preview John Sanborn

There are only 3 weeks till media artist John Sanborn will be showing his new works in our Cartel Collective Space. Here is a little preview of what will be shown.


Time is fluid, and sound is elastic. Where is the rhythm to life? It can be found in everyday objects, and elemental expressions. Here's a short excerpt of the three channel media installation "Rock | Paper | Scissors".

CC Summerparty 2015

This years summerparty is on! The topic will be home and family. We have live music, dj, BBQ and of course an exhibition on the topic of family and home. Come by and check it out!

8. August from 3pm onwards.

FOCUS Japan Exhibition

Our FOCUS Japan exhibtion has been wonderful. The house was full and people enjoyed watching and discussing the works from international and japanese artists. We are very glad that two artists had been present: Travis Klose and Negishi Motohiro. The exhibition is still running until 16. November 2014. Come around to have glance at contemporary Japanese Photography.

Check out the current exhibtion for detailed info.

Michael Ackermann workshop

What a great time having Kate and Laura from Photoworkshop New York here with us during the lecture of Michael Ackermann. They were the perfect organisers and match for Michaels incredible work. It was very insipirational to hang out and listen to them. We sure will see each other again. Please do check out their review here.

Jessica Backhaus teaching

We are very happy to have Jessica here right now teaching. Tomorrow the works of the students will be screened and Jessica is happy to give you an insight into her work. The screening will be 7pm in the Cartel Collective Space.

Ready to go

All is set. Only 6 hours left. Come by to the opening of our Focus Japan exhbition. The doors are opening at 6pm tonight.

Preparations :: FOCUS JAPAN

Only one week left. We are in the middle of the preparations for the opening next Friday. All photographs are printed. Mounting and cleaning up and we are nearly ready for you guys. We also picked up the flyers and the catalog from our friends from the month of photography off.

Partnership with Photoworkshop New York

We are very excited to partner with Photoworkshop New York on their European Tour. We will host the workshops in Berlin with Jessica Backhaus (31.10 - 1.11.2014) and Michael Ackerman (7.11.-9.11.2014).

There are still places left to apply. Check out the European Tour.

Month of Photography :: FOCUS JAPAN :: Improbable Borders: my citadel is frayed

The next exhibtion will be focussing on Japan during the month of Photography Berlin curated by Stephen Sarrazin.

Exhibiting artists will be Misato Kuroda, Atsushi Sakai, Stephen Sarrazin, Asako Narahashi, Sarah Trouche, Yasuji Watanabe, Travis Klose, Negishi Motohiro and Shelly Silver.

24. October 2014 - 16. November 2014, Vernissage: 24. October 2014, 18:00

Japan: a space where two potent worlds co-exist, that of Kyoto, gardens, kimonos and zen, and the other, Tokyo with manga/anime/bondage/and its tribes. The country remains attached to the perception of itself as a closed-off island, at a time when national politics are leaning towards a pro-active defense, a shift from pacifism. Yet the ramparts that are placed to keep Japan 'homogeneous' have never been as porous. Japan has not entered a Neo-Edo period; it has a become a maze of soft cracks that constantly lead us from one world to the other and back again. The works in this exhibition, consisting of photos and videos by Japanese artists as well as international creators who have either made Tokyo their base or who use Japan as a subject, will reflect on the effects of these crossings on nature, architecture and urbanism, body, gender and identity .

Stephen Sarrazin wishes to thank Travis Klose, Stephane Duval/Lezard Noir, and Miho Sano for their kind assistance.