Current Exhibition

The exhibtion focus is on FAMILY.

8. August 2015 - 1. October 2015
Vernissage: 8. August 2015, 15:00

Opening: Thursday - Sunday, 3pm - 7pm or by appointment (017628833556)
Place: Cartel Collective Space, Berliner Allee 146, 13088 Berlin

Familie Cartel from Cartel Collective on Vimeo.

Come and join Cartel Collective's Vernissage-Summerparty with Live-Music and Barbecue in Berlin! We are very glad to also have the musicians Lionheart and Flugmodus247 from Munich and the band Unter Anderen and VBKühl from Frankfurt with us !!


exhibiting artists: Jonas Wresch, Ferhat Bouda, Alina Emrich, Peggy Wellerdt, Kiên Hoàng Lê, Enno Kapitza

An exhibtion about the notion of home and family. Jonas is looking into his relationship to Columbia and Germany, Ferhat shows us his world of the Berber, Alina gives an insight into her German Family, Peggy goes back to the German state Mecklenburg and Kiên is relfecting on his vietnamese Identity. Enno gives a glimpse into the life of a family in Fukushima with his work "Esperi - the Okawara family in Fukushima".