Current Exhibition

We are focussing on American video and media art pioneer John Sanborn.

8. October 2015 - 1. November 2015
Vernissage: 8. October 2015, 19:00

Opening Times
Wednesday - Sunday, 3pm - 8pm
closed Monday/Tuesday

Dowsing for Divinity , a one-person show of new works by John Sanborn Curated by Stephen Sarrazin

American video and media art pioneer John Sanborn, discovered by Nam June Paik, and whose career spans decades and mediums, will show a series of new media works at Cartel Collective from 8 October to 1. November 2015. This exhibition follows two successful installation shows in France, in Spring and Summer of this year, V + M (Venus & Mars) and Rhyme or Reason. Sanborn combines questions of biography and memory, how we remember, conflicts of identity and who we want to be, of doubt and triumph, all in a form that combine high tech virtuosity, considerations on the use of narrative in the art environment, and a playful sense of irreverence.

On the evening of the opening, 8 October, John Sanborn and curator Stephen Sarrazin will be present at Cartel Collective for a screening of single channel works by the artist, followed by a talk and Q & A session.

Artist’s statement: “The development of personal mythologies and the quest for a moral compass lead us to examinations of our persona, the process by which we discover things, and the product of our desires. In a time of drought, dowsers were mythic figures - using sticks and a good sales pitch to bring the hope of finding water to those in need. Nowadays the confidence game is all we have - bargains we make with ourselves to believe the opaque and invest in the mysterious. Without truth we have myth - without myth we have nothing. What will bring us the answers we seek? These new works are shaking the stick.”

List of Works

“The White Album”
is a family of three video art objects hung on a wall, addressing the opaque and duplicitous nature of memory and the frustration of representation. "Equivocal Value (redacted)" "Apophenia (patterns of noise)" "DOX (an approximation)" ( LCD screens within cardboard frames )

The Detritus series

Your worst nightmare, here to remind you to just how wrong you are and will always be. Listen at your own peril. Three video objects that will be on plinths

The Detritus of Ingenuity


Dismal (Seven Bad Ideas) 

Rock Paper Scissors

Video projection, 8 minutes The search for a rhythm to life. There is a pulse that drives our methods of communication and ability to express ourselves - and we look for it everywhere. When properly organized we call this quest “music”. We find resonance in nature, and work to externalize it while attempting to transform ourselves. The usual routine is anthropomorphism - projecting human traits into inanimate objects - bringing life to the lifeless. What if we reversed the process, and reduced the complexities of humanity to elemental qualities? Strip away the educated artifice and go back to basics - and maybe we get a solution. Or at least a beat.

“New gods for a new age”
Two video portraits & two photographs We revise our relationship to the divine and to the act of creation as we refashion ourselves. If consciousness is identification and existence is identity; then the trans hero displays god-like powers - as perception and objectivism represent a fresh reality.


Jiz Lee performs Apollo, the prophet, lover and god of music and truth; unashamed to brag about his noble gestures which usually result in damaging repercussions. An artist and a warrior, Apollo inspired the muses - and used his lyre to seduce men and women as he fathered over 80 children.


Adi Axilla plays Atalanta, and reflects on her life of adventure, risk and danger. She refused to marry, and was the only woman on the Argos